Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Feature...Cover Songs (DBT/Warren Zevon)

I have decided and hope to keep up with it, a new feature of cover songs. I will post the original then the cover. Hope you will like this new feature. Feed back is welcome and encouraged.

Today's post is a cover by the Drive-By Truckers doing the Warren Zevon song "Play It All Night Long". It was first released on Warren Zevon's album "Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School" that came out in 1980. The Drive-By Truckers covered it on the album "The Fine Print (a collection of oddities and rarities 2003-2008)" that was released in 2009 on New West Records. There are a few covers on this DBT album, I am sure I will be posting a few.

Original version done by Warren Zevon.

Drive-By Truckers version.

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