Friday, February 14, 2014

Song Of The Day Feb.14th (Life Sex & Death)

Today's song of the day is from a band called Life Sex & Death. This is a band I had long forgotten till I stumbled upon it last weekend while ripping some CD's to my computer.
This band from Los Angeles who only put out one album (The Silent Majority) back in 1992 were a strange act. I remember seeing a clip of the band live on ABC in Concert back in the day and being intrigued by how fucked up the lead singer seemed. His name was simply "Stanley" no last name just Stanley. He came across as a crazy homeless kind of guy, just weird shit. So of course I had to go out and find out what this band was all about. Well after listening to this album in full just this week. I can see why they only put out the one album. They just really weren't very good, entertaining maybe, but also very juvenile. Take the third song on the album called "School's For Fools", it is horrible. But the one song that has always made me laugh and still does is a song called "Fuckin' Shit Ass", which is the song I chose for song of the day.

Life Sex & Death - Fuckin Shit Ass

Here is a clip from Much Music with an interview and clips of the band live.

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