Saturday, February 22, 2014

Song Of The Day Feb.22nd (Long River Train)

Today's song of the day is by a band from New York City called Long River Train. I don't recall where or why I got this album. Maybe it was the album title (Arguments For Drinking) that made me pick it up. Nonetheless, after listening to this album for the first time in like ten years, I found the album to be not too bad. The song that really caught my ear and I recall really liking this one when I first listened to this album. The song is called "Temp-Agency Blues" from their 1996 album "Arguments For Drinking" that came out on the Dedicated Records label. This is actually quite a good album and well worth picking up.

After much surfing on the net looking for some more information on this band, I did stumble across this blog with a great write up on lead singer/song writer Sean Thompson of Long River Train. Apparently it sounds like Sean passed away last year at the age 44 from leukemia. RIP Sean!!! To checkout this article click here, sounds like Sean was quite a character and could be a fun guy to hang with.

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