Saturday, February 8, 2014

Songs Of The Day Feb.8th (One)

Today's songs of the day come from the Canadian ska band One. I got listening to this album this past week, the album being "Smokin' The Goats" that came out in 1994. It had been so long since I have listened to this, that I had to pick two songs today as there are so many good songs.

The first one being what you would call the single from this album "Wide Load".

The second song I picked is called "Kind Buds", you can guess what this is about, have a listen.

I remember seeing this band back in '94 here in Edmonton at Peoples Pub. What a fun and energetic night of song and dance this was. They were an amazing live band,and wish they were still around.

I got looking in to the band to see if I could find anything about them. To my surprise I found out that the lead singer of this old ska band One Chris Taylor is now an Entertainment and Media lawyer. To read his Wikipedia page click here,and here for his business website. Sounds like Chris Taylor has done very well for himself.

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