Monday, February 22, 2016

Motörhead Monday

I have found ever since the passing of Lemmy of Motörhead back in December that I have been making sure that I always have a Motörhead album on my mp3 player along with my usual Bob Dylan and Neil Young albums among many others. Nothing like hearing a romping Motörhead song just before you get to work, especially on a Monday. It's a great way to get amped for dealing with all things that are work.

Lemmy's lyrics are always entertaining, truthful, honest, dirty, tongue in cheek, funny!!!

So I am going to start my Motorhead Monday feature with these words of wisdom from Lemmy.

I know the ones I win, I know the ones I lose
I can't apologise, I know I paid my dues
I can't be sorry, if I ain't always a saint
Like to be a nice guy, but don't blame me if I ain't

These lyrics are from the song Blackheart from the album Rock N' Roll released in 1987.

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