Friday, December 20, 2013

Sammy Hagar Book Review

I just finished reading the Sammy Hagar autobiography My Uncensored Life In Rock. While I have never really been a big fan of Hagar or his time in Van Halen, I have to say this was an entertaining and fun read. When he says uncensored he wasn't lying.

He tells stories about his upbringing talking about his drunk father, and some sad stories there indeed, his time with Montrose, his early days of his solo career. And where it really gets interesting is his stories about brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen, he really does give you the dirt on these guys. He also don't have much good to say about David Lee Roth. From their drunkenness, there rudeness to him and many other stories.

Sammy also gives the dirt on himself as well, about cheating on his first wife and stories of being on the road. He has made money from his music career, but what really surprised me is how rich he really is, and not so much from the music, well maybe his days in Van Halen, but how he has made fist fulls of cash from smart business deals. Between the bars that he owns and the tequila he made famous, the man has made a lot of money. To the pint now where he doesn't rely on music to make money but does records with his new band Chickenfoot more for the pleasure of making music more so then money. All and all I thought this was a great read.

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