Friday, April 18, 2014

KISS Collectible Of The Day April 18th

Today's KISS Collectible is an album that was produced by Paul Stanley of KISS. The album is the debut album by a band called New England from Boston. This album came out in 1978 on Infinity Records, the one song that did get a little bit of air play was a song called "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya". I picked up this record at a shop here in Edmonton called Permanent Records. This album is terrible and it's no wonder I had never heard of it before. If it wasn't for Paul Stanley producing this record I would never have had any interest in this. But because of the KISS connection, I now own this shitty record.

After looking into this band a little more. I have discovered that two of the guys, keyboard player Jimmy Waldo and bass player Gary Shea went on to play in the band Alcatrazz. Unless you have to have everything do to with KISS, I do not recommend picking up this record.

In record news...Don't forget to get out and support your local record shop, especially with this Saturday April 19th being Record Store Day.

Also, if you are in the Edmonton area, next Sunday April 27th will be the annual Edmonton Music Collectors Show held at Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre (11113-113st).

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