Monday, May 19, 2014

Hot Plains Music Fest- Bombchan at Wunderbar May 16th 2014

On Friday the second edition of the Hot Plains Music Fest in Edmonton started, which is a three day music festival of mostly local bands playing all kinds of venues in the Old Strathcona (Whyte Avenue) area of Edmonton.

I went to the Friday show at Wunderbar as the band Bombchan was playing, a band I am a huge fan of, and a band that doesn't do enough gigs in the city. Also the venue they were playing is one of my favorite venues in the city to see a band. Other bands on the bill were Marlaena Moore, Diamond Mind, Bombchan and the reunion of The Secretaries.

Firs artist of the evening was Marleana Moore an artist who plays a folk style of music, she started by playing solo and then was joined by a full band. I found her music to be interesting and the lady has an awesome voice. She was quite good in her 30-40 minute set.

Marlaena Moore at the Wunderbar.

Next up was Diamond Mind, another band I had never heard or seen before, they play I guess what you would call an indie pop style of music. They were actually quite good too.

Diamond Mind at Wunderbar.

The next band up was the reason I was at the show, and that band would be the band Bombchan lead by singer, slide guitar player Mike Park. I have loved this band since the first time I saw them in 2012. They have one album so far (Do Me Right), this show was billed as an album release show so that excited me thinking there would be a new album available. In reality what it was, was a two song EP release party, which is only available on there bandcamp page. Nonetheless, the band was on fire this night, the last time I saw them which was at the same festival last year. Only last year, the boys had indulged a bit too much before hand which affected their show as it fell apart about half way through. But on this evening, they kicked ass big time. Mike Park was sounding good, his playing was stellar and Ayla Brooks also on guitar was burning it up all night with is solos. Then of course bass player Karie Brown and drummer Grant Stovel held down the back end real well. There almost hour long set rocked from start to finish with the band looking relaxed and joking with the crowd in between songs. Why these guys don't do more shows around town and play places like The Commercial Hotel (the blues bar of Edmonton) is beyond me. They could really show the blues fans of Edmonton how it is done. If you like your music, not just blues music, but music in general, rocking, gritty and full of jam, this is the band to see. Keep your eyes and ears open for this band Bombchan.

Bombchan at Wunderbar.

After rocking out during Bombchan and having a few beers, I had enough to drink and figured it was going to be hard to follow those guys, I call it a night. So I ended up missing the last band of the night The Secretaries. All and all though, an awesome night of local independent bands. This is a great music festival and seems to be doing quite well. Here is hoping this festival lasts many years and congrats to those that put it together and venues that are hosting the bands. Good times!!!

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