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Interstellar Rodeo Fest Day 1 July 26th 2014

So last weekend was the third installment of the Interstellar Rodeo Festival in Edmonton. Sadly, the start which was supposed to be Friday night with headliners Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans was cancelled due to a fucking torrential down pour of rain for about twenty hours with wind gusts, so Friday was a wash out.

So Saturday was the start of the festival held at the Heritage Amphitheatre in Hawrelak Park. Saturday's weather wasn't looking all that good either with a forecast of rain off and on during the day, but hell, beat the shit out of the Friday weather, so therefore the show went on.

I got there nice and early with my sweetie Janis, our friend Erin and her Mom, cool Mom, I say. Anyways, first band was on at 12:30 which was the Dave Bidini Band. Dave of course used to be the lead singer of the Rheostatics from Toronto, Ontario, whom is also an author of books such as Tropic Of Hockey, For Those About To Write, Around The World in 57 1/2 Gigs, just to name a few. This was the second time had seen Dave Bidini solo in concert. I thought he put on a wicked show, also I am thinking that was Ford Pier on bass.

Dave Bidini Band.

Next up was another band from Toronto called the Strumbellas. Now I had heard lots about this band and heard some of there tunes on CKUA Radio. I kind of thought they were a hyped band and figured they were going to be a disappointment, why I thought this, I have no idea, jus hate being let down. Well, I have to say, they were fucking awesome live, way better then what I had heard recorded. A very energetic band, great songs, great characters within in the band. Reminded me of a mix of Edward Sharpe and Gogol Bordello. Great stuff, I will be seeing this band again for sure, and picking up some of their music.

The Strumbellas.

After the Strumbellas was band from Australia called Wagons. Wow, what a great one, two punch that was one after the other. The Wagons played an awesome hour long set of Americana country rock. They fuckin' kicked ass, very entertaining. There song Willie Nelson was a crowd favorite. Another band I will be watching.


Lee Fields and the Expressions were up next, yet another band I had never heard. Well, I can say they kicked ass, great soul music, easily compared to James Brown in his hey days. Tight band, had the crowd up and dancing. Surprisingly this guy has been doing this since the late sixties and just now getting his exposure. Good stuff!!!

Lee Fields & The Expressions.

Interlude between bands was Ford Pier out of Vancouver. While I had seen him before with his own band The Ford Pier Vengeance Trio, this time he was playing a solo show, well for the most part, he did have a drummer come up half way through. I enjoyed his set, I know many people found it weird, but that is what I expected. All and all, I thought he was alright. Ford played in many a bands before, checkout his page here.

Ford Pier.

The next band Hydra is what I guess you would call a super group, Canadian wise anyways, with Leslie Feist being in it, lots of other members from other bands I have no idea whom are, maybe I am out of the loop. Regardless, there music was fucked up, at times I thought they were incredible. other times, I thought they were gawd awful. Don't know what to make of this band other then interesting yet terrible. hmm, just plain weird.


To close out the first night of the Interstellar Rodeo was Andrew Bird & The Hands Of Glory out of Chicago. His brand of music was a little soul influenced, folky/indie rock. His voice was great as was his violin playing. All and all not a bad show. Overall, a great day of music, weather wasn't the greatest, but still good times!!!

Andrew Bird & The Hands Of Glory.

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