Monday, December 1, 2014

Favorite Records of 2014 (Chris Robinson Brotherhood)

This year I figured I would start my favorites list a little earlier. So over the next month I will be posting my favorite records I have purchased over the past year. Keep in mind that I haven't been able to pick up everything I wanted, reasons being cash flow and sometimes just not able to find it.

This list is in no order. And today I will start with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood album called Phosphorescent Harvest that came out in April on Silver Arrow Records. Their third studio album. But it took me til September to finally find it on vinyl. Chris of course being the lead singer of the Black Crowes. A great album if your in to hippy/stoner, psychedelic, blues jam rock, a lot like the Grateful Dead this is the stuff for you.

Would love to see this band come through Edmonton.

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