Saturday, March 7, 2015

Seven Inch Saturday (Various Artists)

Today's seven inch is a double seven inch single called "Get To Know" that was released last year and was available for free at independent record stores in Calgary. Thanks to my Brother, he was able to pick up a copy for me.

This single put out by Scion Sessions features four bands that played the Scion Sessions last year at Calgary's Sled Island Festival at the excellent venue The Palomino Smokehouse. A great venue with great food.

The four artists featured on this release are Fist City, Lab Coast, Dominic Pierce and Mark Mills. All four songs, one by each artist were recorded at the show at the Palomino, in which my Brother and I were at.

Side A of disc 1 is a song by Fist City called "Losers Never Die". Fist City is band based in Lethbridge, Alberta that play a punk pop style of music. Fist City consists of Ryan Grieve on drums, Brittany Griffiths on bass and vocals, Kier Griffiths on guitar and vocals and Evan Van Reekum on guitar. Their show that day at Palomino was the first time I had seen them and I have to say, I was impressed. Checkout their music here.

Side B of disc 1 is a song by the Calgary band Lab Coast. The song performed on this release is called "Remember The Moon". Lab Coast's music kind of has a poppy folk lo-fi feel to them. Their set at this show was good. To hear their music click here.

Side A of disc 2 is a song called "Vertical Feel" by Calgarian Dominic Pierce who is a DJ and spins a soul/deep house theme kind of music, according what I have read anyways. Not really my type of thing.

Side B of disc 2 is a song called "Run Like The Wind" by Mark Mills who I believe now is based out of Vancouver. Mark Mills was my favorite artist of these sessions. He is a quirky guy who plays a weird but so much fun style of pop electro dance beat kind of music. His enthusiasm and energy during his live performances are contagious, you can't help but have fun at one of his shows.

I believe all four of these songs on this release are previously unreleased songs. To hear these songs on this seven inch click here.

In concert news... Mark Mills will be playing in Edmonton at the Buckingham on Saturday April 25th with opener Windmills.

A big kudos to Scion for putting on and releasing these kind of discs and shows. Nice to see a big organization like Scion helping support Canadian bands and artists. Here's hoping this do this kind of thing again at this years Sled Island Festival in Calgary June 24th-28th.

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