Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Bunch Of Marys Live Sept.19th 2015

On Saturday night my Cuz and I went to DV8 here in Edmonton for the Permanent Records Farewell Fundraiser show. Permanent Records was a record shop in Edmonton that was around for five years, sadly they ran in to problems and closed the doors on September 1st. DV8 a music venue that was under Permanent put on this farewell show. The show was made up of local bands A Bunch Of Marys, Cutoffs, Tallest To Shortest and The Fuzz Kings.

The first band of the evening was A Bunch Of Marys. This was my fifth time seeing them. The band is led by Mike McDonald who also plays in Jr.Gone Wild, Mike was also co-owner of Permanent Records. Mike has been a very busy man musically as of late having success with JGW and his solo work and now bringing this band back after a three year lay off.

A Bunch Of Marys played about a forty minute set, they sounded loose and a little rough around the edges, to be expected with very little rehearsal before this gig. Mike and his band which includes Kim Upright on drums and Duane Elias on bass held there own. Some of the songs done on this night, which were all A Bunch Of Mary songs, no JGW songs on this night. It's cool to see how Mike doesn't have to include songs from his other band, the man can write a song that's for sure. They did do one cover, which was the Beatles song Please Please Me. Other songs were Wuthering Heights, Living On The Northside and Lying To An Activist. I found the sound to be a bit muddy on this night, but then I have found that at all the shows I have seen in this venue.

There was a decent size crowd for this show considering that there was no advertising done for this show other then on Facebook. What did surprise me was the A Bunch Of Marys opened the show, I really thought they would be the headliner, but I wasn't complaining as I had been into the sauce most of the day, so I only stuck around for A Bunch Of Marys and called it a night. Good times!!!

A Bunch Of Marys at DV8

In concert news...Mike McDonald of A Bunch Of Marys and Jr.Gone Wild will be playing a free show on Saturday Oct.10th at the Cask and Barrel with Joe Keithley of DOA fame, this is a free show and part of the Up and Downtown Festival.

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