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Steel Panther Live in Edmonton Nov.22nd 2015

On Sunday Cuz and I attended the Steel Panther concert at The Ranch Roadhouse here in Edmonton. This was my second time seeing this hilarious Los Angeles comedy/heavy metal act. This time around Steel Panther are on the Well Hungover tour promoting their third studio album All You Can Eat that came out last year.

This was my first time going to this venue The Ranch Roadhouse, as it is usually a country dance bar I believe, it's not often they have live music here, but it was an alright set up for live music I think. By the time we got there the first band was already on. It was a local band called Face First, I didn't think they were anything special, but they were playing to a packed place already and seemed to be revving up the crowd pretty good.

By the time Steel Panther hit the stage the venue was packed and full of what you would expect from a 80's glam heavy metal show, lots of drunk guys and glammed out women, actually there were some glammed up guys too. My guess would be a crowd of 700 or so people.

Steel Panther hit the stage in all their glorious glammed up looks, looking like a cross between Poison, Van Halen, Faster Pussycat and such. Steel Panther consists of Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz) on vocals, who is a cross of David Lee Roth, Brett Michaels and Vince Neil, but sings better then all of them, Satchel (Russ Parrish) on guitar, the Eddie Van Halen wannabe, which is meant as a joke of course, and is actually quite good, and is fucking hilarious with his between song banter, Stix Zadinia (Darren Leader) on drums and on bass the glammiest of them all Lexxi Foxx (Travis Haley).

Opening with Eyes Of A Panther, the crowd surged towards the stage and we were off, let the hilarity begin! If you are easily offended this surely wasn't the show to be at. Right from the start the almost two hour show was all sex, drugs and heavy metal. Every song they do has to do with either sex, women, drugs or metal or all of them in the same song. Some of the songs performed on this evening were Asian Hooker, Party All Day, Turn Out The Lights, Fat Girl (Thar She Blows), Community Property, Girl From Oklahoma (one of my faves, the lyrics are just so rude, love it!) and of course Death To All But Metal and those were just the songs from their first album Feel The Steel. I was surprised they didn't do the song The Shocker, but now that they have three albums out, I guess your not always going to hear what you want. Although, no complaints here, as every song was fucking hilarious and so much fun. Other songs played were Just Like Tiger Woods, Gold Digging Whore, Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World, 17 Girls In A Row in which the band had seventeen women on stage dancing about, which is too funny considering what the song is about. Like I say, if you didn't have a sense of humour this wasn't for you, but as you could tell these women on stage strutting there stuff, were having a blast and probably a touch inebriated, but most of all had a sense of haha and were having fun, and hey, that's what we were all there for. And from what I could tell and speaking for myself, a damn good time was had.

The nice thing about this parody glam band is that not only are they extremely funny, if you don't mind very sexual content for lyrics, but the band is also very talented musically. Hell I am sure Michael Starr could do a better job then Vince Neil or David Lee Roth in there bands these days. Satchel's guitar solo was a mash of some of the most famous metal riffs around. I found a video of it in which I will add to the end of this review, be sure to check it out.

Steel Panther closed out their set with the first song that was a hit for them Death To All But Metal, which really sums up the band, cause they are after all about metal. In which one of the ladies on stage sang her heart out, the puck rock looking lady, wow she had a voice on her, Starr even let her take over vocals for a bit.

For the encore we got Community Property which was really cool hearing the whole crowd sing the song word for word with out lead singer Michael Starr not having to do a thing, crowd sounded great. Last song of the night was a great closer Party All Day (Fuck All Night), but man, we only wanted more after that. But to no avail, as hard as we tried, wasn't happening. A fucking great show and a even better time, thank god for booking the following day off from work. Good times!!!

Oh ya, forgot about this almost, the night started with this incident. Cuz and I got in the venue, not there more then a few minutes, didn't even have a beer yet, and this lady with huge tits and glammed up, comes up to Cuz and shoves her boobs right in his face. Hello!!! Caught Cuz by surprise, he did muster at least a hi! I asked if he knew her, nope, not a clue who she was. Kind of tells you what kind of night it was. Like I say. Good fuckin' times!!!

Steel Panther at the Ranch Roadhouse in Edmonton.

The next two pictures were taken by a friend of mine Keith Doyle, this was when bass player Lexxi Foxx did his hair solo, ya, not bass solo, but hair solo, lol. Lead singer Starr and guitar player Satchel brought out the industrial blowers to blow Lexxi's hair around, too funny! Great pictures by the way. Lexxi loves to look after himself on stage, doing his make-up and hair while on stage.

Short video from show.

T-shirt front.


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