Monday, December 28, 2015

RIP Lemmy

I interrupt my favorites list to honour Lemmy of Motorhead. News came in today that Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead passed away at the age of 70. A sad day it is, Lemmy always came across as the guy that was never going to die. He lived hard, played hard and put out some of the heaviest music ever. I was lucky and got to see Motorhead perform four times in my life. The first time being in 1988 opening for Alice Cooper at Northlands Coliseum here in Edmonton. The other three times I saw Motorhead they were the headliners. The last time I saw them play was in 2005 at Red's in Edmonton.
RIP Lemmy you will be missed but your music will live on forever!!!

I'll never forget the first time I saw Motorhead play. I had front row seats for the Alice Cooper double bill. I was as pumped for Motorhead as I was for Cooper, actually I was more pumped for Lemmy and company then I was Alice having never seen Motorhead play live before. At that show I managed to get the set list for the show and a pick. And even to this day now, still one of the loudest shows I had ever been to.

An old t-shirt a good buddy of mine "Geddy" gave me years ago. How I wish I would have been at that show in 1981.

A cool Motorhead clock my friend Sherry made for me from the No Remorse leather cover vinyl copy I have.

Lemmy Figurine.

Stone Deaf Forever!!!

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