Friday, October 7, 2016

Jr.Gone Wild Live in Sherwood Park October 1st 2016

Last Saturday my Cuz and I made our way out to Sherwood Park for a private intimate show by local country punkers Jr.Gone Wild. This show was being out on by NTT Films whom are in the middle of making a documentary on Jr.Gone Wild. From talking to the guys making the movie it sounds like it could see a release in the spring of 2017. This show was for people that had donated $150.00 or more towards the making of the movie, and the show was also part of a couple's 25th wedding anniversary. It was held at the Log Cabin Community Hall in Sherwood Park, it was a different venue to see the band at, playing to probably about a hundred people. A big thank you goes out to my buddy metal for hooking me up with the invite, thanks buddy!!!

This was my eighth time seeing Jr.Gone Wild in concert. Every time I see them play live they seem to get better and better. Larry Shelast on drums, Dove on bass, Steve Loree on guitar and Mike McDonald on guitar and vocals were sounding especially good on this night. What I really noticed during this show was how well Mike and Steve were playing and feeding off each other, they certainly were in sync on this night.

JGW did two sets playing in total a two hour show. They did some new songs, that have now been in their setlist for a while now, them being "Barricades (The Hockey Riot Song)" wrote by Steve Loree, and the rocking "Fools Errand" aka (Fuck Off At The Sky), "Old & Ugly" and a song called "Warren's Van", not sure if this is a new song or not, but man it was it ever good and brought back all kinds of memories having had a friend by the name of Warren that owned a van, and some of the shit we got up to when he owned it, wow! So many stories. Great song JGW!

The band ended the night with an encore of two cover songs the first being Neil Young's "Powderfinger" and then to close out the night "The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)" a Bob Dylan song. An awesome night of live music and cheap beers. Good times!!!

Jr.Gone Wild in Sherwood Park.

Setlist from the show.

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