Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wilco - Schmilco

Well I have been meaning to write about this album for a while now. I am speaking of the Wilco album Schmilco that was released on September 9th, their tenth studio album. The album title is a nod to Harry Nilsson who released an album called Nilsson Schmilsson that came out in 1971.

A couple of days before the release, select independent record stores across North America had listening parties "I Heard Schmilco" for the new album. At these listening parties they not only played the new album but you could also pick up the album before the release date, they also had give-aways. One of the prizes was a test pressing of the Schmilco album. I went to the local record shop here in Edmonton Blackbyrd Myoozik to hear it and enter the contest.

I had pre ordered the album, and wanted the indie release which was a coloured vinyl release but had to settle for the black vinyl as they did not yet have the indie copies in yet, no big deal, as I really wanted the album. Well, the day after the listening party, I got a call from Blackbyrd with news that I had won a copy of the test pressing, totally cool!

Two days after that, I got another call telling me that the indie release was now in, as I had ordered it, I thought it was only right to pick that up as well. So that is how I now own three copies of the Wilco Schmilco album. All I need now is the pink coloured vinyl release. I may just have to pick that up one day too.

Anyways, it took me a few listens to the album to really like it, but am now a big fan of this album too. Wilco has always put out great albums and this one ranks up there too. The album only runs just over a half hour long. Give it a listen and go to your local record shop and pick up a copy.

Now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that Wilco actually makes there way up to Edmonton on this tour as they haven't played here since 2010.

Black vinyl.

Indie release.

Test pressing.

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