Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Altameda Live in Edmonton May 3rd 2018

On Thursday night my concert buddy Buzzard and I went to the Altameda show at The Common here in Edmonton. This was a free show presented by Pabst Blue Ribbon and would be my fourth time seeing local rockers Altameda. I was first introduced to this band at last years Record Store Day after party, and have been hooked since.

When we got to the venue it looked to us like there was no line up, so we went and had a few beers down by the tracks, what we didn't realize when we came back to the venue was that the show was upstairs in the restaurant, not in the basement, which is called 9910. So when we did get in there were no god seats and that this restaurant was kind of posh and packed. We did manage to find a table to sit at, but we couldn't see fuck all, and the place was loud with everyone chatting, shit this wasn't going to be good. Seemed like a stupid place to have a show. Very hipster like.

The opening band Jared And The Mill out of Phoenix, Arizona who are touring across Canada with Altameda. The tour actually started on the west coast and they were about 5-6 shows in to the tour. Jared And The Mill are a band that to me sounded a lot like Mumford And Sons, not my jam at all, I didn't care for them, but they did seem to grab a lot of peoples attention, just not mine.

Next up was Altameda, by the time they came on the place had thinned out a bit and we were able to shimmy ourselves up to the front of the stage, this was much better then where we had started the night. As like the previous three times I have seen them, they were incredible. Led by singer-songwriter Troy Snaterse who can write one hell of a song and is great on guitar and has a cool stage presence. The band did a lot of songs from their debut album Dirty Rain and some new songs from their forthcoming album, the album is wrote and recorded, the band is currently shopping it around to labels, hoping for a late summer fall release. A couple of the songs they did from Dirty Rain were "Queen Of The Street", "Borrowed Suit, Secondhand Dress" what an awesome song that one is, though I think they are all great songs, but that one really sticks out for me. As did "Blackmarket Blues". One of the new songs they played called "Time Hasn't Changed Me" has real Wilco vibe to it. To close out the night they played an old Jackson Browne song "Runnin' On Empty". This truly is a band to watch for, amazing music and musicians. For fans of Petty, Ryan Adams and Wilco. Good times!!!

Altameda at The Common.

To purchase their album checkout their bandcamp page by clicking here.

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