Saturday, September 10, 2011

Concert Poster Of The Day Sept.10th (Stony Plain R&B Fest)

Today's poster is from a Roots and Blues Festival that was held in Stony Plain, Alberta just outside of Edmonton. This festival was in the mid 90's. I had volunteered to help at the festival with some prodding from a buddy of mine (Dixon). I thought what the hell, it's a way to see the 3 days of music for free, and there were some bands I wanted to see, like, Triple Threat which was Rusty Reed, Tim Williams and Johnny V all playing together as band, Fist (which was weird to see them on this bill), Ellen McIlwaine, Bobby Cameron and Tacoy Ryde among many other bands.

Well, all didn't workout that good. We got there and met whomever it as we needed to. I was assigned to do security, walk around with a security arm band and a walkie talkie and make sure people were behaving,hmmm, anyone that knows me, knows I am not much of a guy that likes authority, let alone be authoritative. I did this for about an hour. Not my thing, especially when a lady asks me if I wanna join her in her tent and drink some gin. That was enough for me. I handed in my security arm band and walkie talkie and enjoyed the rest of the evening checking out some good music. Needless to say, I didn't make it out to the other two days of the festival. I never volunteered for another festival after that. Good times!!!

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