Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Tribute To A Special Friend

With a heavy heart and many tears, today I post a few songs in tribute to a very very good friend of mine whom I lost on Friday August 9th. My buddy Gary Kosh better known by his friends as "Geddy", will be laid to rest today. He would have been 48 this October.

Geddy had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. He would go out of his way to help a friend. I know he helped me a many of times, from rides for groceries, taking empties in, helping with moves, rides to work, to going to concerts together out of town, many a road trips were taken with Geddy, which meant a good time was always going to be had.

I will never forget your laugh, your smile, your sense of humour, your helping hand, and of course your friendship!!! Geddy always gave way more then he received. If you ever met Geddy, you had a friend for life. I will always treasure the thirty years of fun we had together. You will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace Gary Dean Kosh. See you on the other side my friend.

Geddy was a big fan of Motorhead, so I post this one for you my friend.

"One Short Life"

My mama told me lots of things,
About the life we lead,
Told me it was too easy,
To live a life of greed,
She said you be a good man.
And I'll be proud of you,
'Cos you can't do no better,
If that's all you learn to do.

(First chorus)
All we got is one short life,
Far as we can find,
And if you don't know how to live,
The world will be unkind
No, no curse upon my name,
No way I look at a bad guy,
And think that I'm the same,
No I won't be blamed,
I live without dishonour,
I won't have to die ashamed.

Old lady told me plenty,
Told me what to do,
How to act in society,
How to make it through,
She said always mind your manners,
And don't you talk no trash,
And if you hear somebody dissing you,
Go over and kick his ass.

(Second chorus)
One thing is for certain,
By all we know and love,
If you compromise your integrity,
You should drown in your own blood.
Now even though I'm old and weird,
I remember what she said,
I always knew that she was right,
So I kept it in my head,

I never tried to hurt the world.
Never was drove by greed,
Believe I mostly did my best,
What more do you want from me?

(Third Chorus)
All there is is one short life,
Far as we can find,
And if you don't know how to live,
You're gonna lose your mind,
No no dirt upon my name,
No way I look at a bad guy,
And think I share the blame,
No I'm not the same,
As I live and die, I'm certain I,
Refuse to die ashamed.

Sure am going to miss you Geddy. I am very proud to have had you as a friend. Condolences to all his friends and family and especially to his Mom (Mary) and Dad (George).

Rest In Peace.

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