Friday, March 28, 2014

Iron Man - Tony Iommi Book Review

I recently finished reading the 2011 Tony Iommi auto-biography Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath. This was a great read, I thought I knew a lot about Black Sabbath, I guess I did, but what I did find interesting was reading about the later years of Sabbath. Everyone has read lots about Black Sabbath and the Ozzy years, but not really much about the years with Ronnie James Dio and all the other singers that have been in and out of Sabbath during 1986 and 1995. I enjoyed reading about the 1983 Black Sabbath album "Born Again" that was done with Deep Purple lead singer Ian Gillan.

Tony Iommi tells some interesting stories of drugs, groupies, band managers, losing the tips of his fingers while working a factory job as a teen, growing up with little to no money. It is a quick read and told with honesty and a sense of humour. Highly recommended. There is a revised edition out now that tells about his battle with lymphoma (cancer).

In concert news...Black Sabbath will be playing in Edmonton on Tuesday April 22nd at Rexall Place.

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