Wednesday, October 1, 2014

High Kicks at Wunderbar Sept.26th 2014

Last Friday after work I was sitting around having a few beers listening to tunes, trying to decide if I was going to go to the High Kicks show at the Wunderbar. Well after a few more beers, I thought what the hell, who knows how much longer the Wunderbar is going to be around. As the place is up for sale, would suck to see this venue shut down as it is one of my favorites in Edmonton. Word is, there is a potential buyer in place, just a matter of closing the deal. Anyways, the High Kicks are a wicked band out of Calgary, having seen them once before when they opened for Band Of Skulls here. So I decided, fuck it, I'm going.

I got there in time to catch the opening band Borrachera whom are a local band. They too, like High Kicks are a two piece band, bass and drums. I have to say I didn't much care for them. They are a new band and need some work, and got schooled by High Kicks. Kudos to them for getting out there and performing live though.


Headliner of the night was High Kicks, and again, thse guys can rock the fuckin' joint. The Wunderbar had a decent crowd for the show considering there was no advertising done for this show. Danny Vacon on bass is rocking the shit out of his bass like it's a guitar and he also has an amazing voice and a great stage presence as well. And drummer Matt Doherty was flailing around like Animal from the Muppets. Last time I saw High Kicks in concert Matt was healing from a separated shoulder, so tis time around he was even more animated and sounded amazing. The High Kicks put on a kick ass show, I highly recommend checking this band out if you get the chance. And your next chance Edmonton to see them will be on Sunday October 12th at the Yellowhead Brewery as part of the Up + Downtown Festival that is going on all weekend October 10th til the 12th. Good times!!!

High Kicks.

A funny sign in the washroom of the Wunderbar.

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