Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Supersuckers Live In Edmonton Oct.24th 2014

Last Friday night my Cuz and I went to the Supersuckers, Dolly Rotten and Penetrator triple bill at the Pawn Shop here in Edmonton.

First band of the evening was Penetrator who are from Edmonton and play a punk style of music. I believe this was there first show. They were alright, nothing special, there lyrics all had to do with sex. The lead singer had big presence, taking over the stage like a mad man.

Penetrator at the Pawn Shop.

Next up was another local band that I had not heard of before, they were called Dolly Rotten and led by female singer Lacy. I was quite surprised by this band, they were good playing there hard rock with a little country influence, and lead singer Lacy was very easy on the eyes and had a decent voice as well. A great band leader, the rest of the band was really good too. The steel guitar was a nice touch to the band and music as well. All and all a great up and coming Edmonton band.

Dolly Rotten at the Pawn Shop.

Headliner of the evening from Arizona was the self proclaimed "Greatest Rock'N'Roll Band in the World" the Supersuckers. This was my fifth time seeing the band play live, and second time within the last year and a half. If you have seen the band before you pretty much know what your in for, and again they didn't disappoint. Nice to see that it is still all the same members in the band from the last time I saw them which is Dan 'Thunder' Bolton on guitar an original member all the way back from 1988, 'Metal' Marty Chandler on guitar, 'Captain' Chris Von Streicher on drums and of course Eddie Spaghetti on bass and vocals. The Supersuckers are on the road touring for their latest album "Get The Hell" which is the best album they have released in a long time. The band sounded super tight and were full of energy and rocked the shit out of the Pawn Shop, even though the venue was far from sold out.

The Supersuckers opened the show with the title song "Get The Hell" from their 2014 release, then into "Fuck Up" along with other such classics as "Bad Bad Bad", "Gluttonous" "I Want The Drugs", "Pretty Fucked Up", you get a sense of what the Supersuckers are all about, having a fucking good time drinkin' and druggin'. Good times!!!

The Supersuckers at the Pawn Shop.

Eddie Spaghetti autographed cloth tour poster.

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