Saturday, January 10, 2015

Scott Ian (Book Review)

Well during the holiday season I got around to reading a few books. Another book that I finished, one that I got as an Xmas gift was the book by Scott "Not" Ian of Anthrax called "I'm The Man, The Story Of That Guy From Anthrax".

This was a great read about the history of the band from the start right up to last years release of their album "Worship Music". Lots of great stories, including ones about drinking with the likes of Lemmy, Dimebag and Zakk Wylde, absolutely hilarious. His experiences with smoking weed, in which he later finds out he is allergic to, hence the bad trips he had with it. His story about doing mushrooms is a good one as well.

Also his stories about meeting and hanging with the late great Cliff Burton. Scott has been through a lot of ups and downs in his music career between band line up changes, record label struggles, and tour stories. All these are told with a sense of humour and lots of heart.

Nice to see Anthrax getting back to where they once were with the line up of the Among The Living days minus Spitz. The Big Four tour of a few years ago seemed to bring the band back together and get them back on the right step.

A great read and worth picking up if you are a fan of Anthrax.

In concert news...Anthrax will be playing in Edmonton on Saturday May 2nd at Rexall Place opening for Volbeat.

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