Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tim Hus Live in Edmonton Jan.23rd 2015

Last night I went to the Tim Hus and 100 Mile House concert put on by the Full Moon Folk Club at the St. Basil's Cultural Centre. This was my first time seeing both bands.

The evening started with the Edmonton band 100 Mile House. They are a three piece band led by husband and wife couple Denise MacKay and Peter Stone and rounded out with fiddle player Scott Zubot. Peter is originaly from London, England which wasn't hard to tell with his thick English accent. Their music is definitelly folk music, but I just couldn't get in to them. The harmonies between Peter and Denise were really good. Other then that, not my cup of tea.

100 Mile House.

Headliner of the night was Calgary based singer/songwriter Tim Hus. I have been wanting to see Tim for a few years now and finally got my chance last night. When I first head Tim Hus years ago, he reminded me a lot of Stompin' Tom Connors, whom is one of my all time favorites. Well Tim toured with Stompin' for a couple of years in a row and I can see why Stompin' Tom passed the torch onto Tim to carry on singing about Canada after Stompin's passing. A great choice.

His show was a whole lot of Canadiana. Songs about picking Saskatoon berries (Talkin' Saskatoon Blues), the Canadian Pacific Railway (Canadian Pacific), Fort McMurray (A Hundred Grande), Hockey Mom's and the list goes on. His singing is a lot like STC and his between song banter was funny, and again a lot like STC. Tim even did "Bud The Spud". His music is very upbeat and full of great stories about Canadians. This show was even better then I was expecting. I would definitely go see him perform again. Good times!!!

Also a big shout out to MG for the free tickets.

Tim Hus.


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