Friday, April 10, 2015

Dolly Rotten Live Apr.3rd 2015

It's been a busy week so I am just now getting to write about the show my Cuz and I went to last Friday. The show was at the Pawn Shop and was the CD release party for local band Dolly Rotten. Other bands on the bill were Lonesome Dove (in which we missed), Kurt West Express and The Devil's Sons all Edmonton bands.

We got there in time to catch the Kurt West Express band. They are a country/rock band. They were alright but need some work.

Kurt West Express at the Pawn Shop.

Next up was The Devil's Sons, who are a rockabilly three piece band. Rockabilly isn't my kind of music, the band has talent no doubt, just not my thing.

The Devil's Sons at the Pawn Shop.

Headliner of the evening were Dolly Rotten celebrating the release of there debut album called "Coming For You". This was my second time seeing the band play live, the first time being when they opened for the Supersuckers about six months ago. By the time Dolly Rotten hit the stage around midnite, the place was packed, which was great to see. And everyone was pretty primed by this point.

Dolly Rotten play a sytle of music I would describe as a mix of rock n' roll with tinges of punk, metal and some country. This six piece band has it going on, from lead singers Lace Daryns awesome vocals, guitar by Kurt West and Greg Stefishen and the nice touch of pedal steel player Smokey Fennel which gives the band that country tinge. Put it all together and you get some great blue collar rock n' roll.

With song titles such as Working Class SOB, Paint My Collar Blue, Drive Me To Drink and Brand New Drug, you get the idea what Dolly Rotten is about. The songs are well written and the musicianship is top notch as well. Their songs can start as just straight up rock n' roll, but when it kicks in, that is when the metal/punk comes out, then when Lace tears in to the song it is in your face, she can really belt it out and is a very impressive vocalist. All and all Dolly Rotten is an impressive band and has a great future in front of them. A great show. Good times!!!

Dolly Rotten at the Pawn Shop.


Dolly Rotten independent CD release "Coming For You".

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