Saturday, April 25, 2015

Record Store Day 2015

So another Record Store Day has come and gone and again always a fun day. Though this year I didn't do near as well as previous years for getting what I was looking for. Part of that is my own fault as I just don't have the patience to line up outside my favorite local record shop at seven in the morning. So I skipped that line up and made my way to another shop, that being Sound Connection. They didn't have much for RSD releases, but did pick up a few things there.

After that it was off to Permanent Records to catch some free live music. They had three local bands performing through out the day. The first band was The Fuzz Kings, this is the second time they have played at Permanent on RSD. As the Fuzz Kings do a RSD tour of the city on RSD doing three shows in the course of the day at three different venues. They were good playing a 30-40 minute set of roots rock. The Fuzz Kings remind me of the Supersuckers.

The Fuzz Kings at Permanent Records.

Next band up was Billie Zizi in which I sadly missed.

And to close out the live music portion of the day at Permanent Records was the band Pal Joey. Luckily I made it back to the store to catch these guys perform. This was my second time seeing them in the last month, and what a great show they put on to a good crowd at the store. Very impressive.

Pal Joey at Permanent Records.

Another record store I got to on Record Store Day was Blackbyrd Myoozik also on Whyte Avenue. This shop is where I have been picking up a lot of my music in the past couple of years. The line up at this store started early in the day and didn't dissipate til late afternoon. By the time I got in to the store it was slim pickings for RSD releases.

After Blackbyrd closed the store was putting on some live music of their own in the alley of the store with two local bands, them being The Lad Mags and Tropic Harbour and the best part was that there were free beers to be had. Nice way to wind down a busy day at the store and a nice way to show appreciation for there customers.

The first band up was the dreamy pop psychedelic music of Tropic Harbour. A band I had never heard before and were alright if your into that kind of thing.

Tropic Harbour live.

Next up was the band The Lad Mags, they are a band consisting of four women and a guy on drums that play garage rock.

The Lad Mags live.

All in all it was another fun Record Store Day. While I didn't get all the RSD releases I was looking for I still managed to pick up some good records. What did bother me this year with RSD releases were the prices on some of the records. Twenty three dollars for a seven inch single, like really, that's just ridiculous. Good times!!!

Can anyone help me with the following releases?

* Blitzen Trapper - Harvest
* Lucero - Jukebox Series #3

If you can help, please get in touch with me at (mot1970 at

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