Saturday, August 29, 2015

Edmonton Blues Festival: Day Two Aug.22nd 2015

Day two of the Edmonton Blues Festival was a 2:30pm start, so it was going to be a long day, especially when your still recovering from the night before. The line-up for Saturdays festivities had no names that I really recognized, as I am no blues aficionado by any means. I got there just after the first band Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley and the venue was packed already. Helped that it was a nice sunny afternoon too.

The first band of the afternoon that I caught was Castro Coleman aka Mr. Sipp. This band from Mississippi was my favorite band of the day. They played an entertaining set of blues music with Mr. Sipp making his way off the stage and playing guitar through out the whole venue taking the time to do selfies with many people in attendance. A young up and coming band.


Next up was Adrianna Marie & Her Groovecutters. Adrianna is a great singer that came across as a diva somewhat just the way she commanded the stage and her guitar player was quite good too. Their music was a soulful type of blues. Pretty good set.

Adrianna Marie & Her Groovecutters.

The next band up was billed as the West Coast All-Stars featuring Junior Watson and Bob Corritore. Also in the band was Fred Kaplan a piano player from Los Angeles. Junior Watson was on guitar who is another West coast musician who has played with Canned Heat at one time, and on harmonica was Bob Corritore originally from Chicago. All these guys have played with all kinds of famous blues musicians. This too was a decent set.

The West Coast All-Stars.

The last band on Saturday was Sugaray Rayford Big Band. Sugaray also sings in the band The Mannish Boys, though this night he was fronting his own band. There music was a mix of Chicago and West Coast style blues. By this time of the day it all just started to sound like the blues. Hard to tell the difference in styles. I had enough of the blues for the day that's for sure. I didn't stick around for his whole set as it was time to get some rest and do this all again on Sunday. Good times!!!

Sugaray Rayford Big Band.

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