Sunday, August 23, 2015

Faith No More/Refused Aug.7th 2015 in Toronto

So this show Faith No More and Refused double bill was what our vacation was based around. My week of 90's bands was in full swing. Faith No More is a band that I have loved since their album The Real Thing that came out in 1989. I can now cross FNM off my list of must see bands.

The show was held at the old barn called Ricoh Coliseum. Opening the show was Sweden art punk rockers Refused. This was my second time seeing them in concert. Refused who are touring for their new album "Freedom" their first album since 1998's The Shape of Punk to Come.

The crowd of, by my estimate 3500-4000 people seemed to be pretty pumped for the reunion of Refused. And for good reason, the band put on a very energetic hour long set. Lead singer Dennis Lyxzen is a freak, his stage moves and energy are contagious. He also ventured way in to the crowd almost in the seating area. It seemed their new music went over well with the audience too. But people really lost there minds when Refused did "The Shape Of Punk To Come". I really enjoyed their set.

Refused setlist.


Next up was the band Faith No More who I was so excited to finally get to see perform live in person. FNM who also just put out a new album "Sol Invictus" their first new material in eighteen years, which is a fucking great record. Nice to see a band from the 90's put out another great album after all these years. This was the bands second appearance in Toronto this year having just played there in May. Please come to Edmonton FNM!!!

Between bands the road crew set up the stage with all the flowers that donned it. Just before the band hit the stage the instrumental song Midnight Cowboy played, and then FNM come on opening with the song The Real Thing from their album by the same title. I wasn't expecting them to open with that song. But then again I had no idea what they would open with, but that was the perfect song to open with as they had the crowd in the palm of their hands right from the get go. From that point on it was one great song after another. Even the new songs went over well, with the crowd singing along. There were a couple of songs I was hoping to hear like "Jizzlobber" and "Cuckoo for Caca" but to no avail. That's alright, can't hear everything you want. A minor complaint as they did play a great set full of songs from their whole catalog, highlights for me were the songs Midlife Crisis in which they did a bit of the Van Halen song Jump, who were playing Toronto that same evening. Be Aggressive was awesome as was Evidence from the album King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime, Everything's Ruined was another stand out, as was Caffeine and the new song Motherfucker from the new album, with everyone singing along, hell all the songs kicked ass. I was surprised by the last song of the night which was We Care A Lot, a song that lead singer Mike Patton didn't even originally sing on. Mike Patton by the way, still has the pipes, his stage presence is incredible and is still a freak. An amazing show! Good times!!!

Faith No More setlist.

Faith No More.

T-shirt front.


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