Saturday, October 17, 2015

Great White/Slaughter at River Cree Oct.9th 2015

Last Friday Q, Cuz and I went to the Great White and Slaughter double bill at River Cree Casino. This show was originally scheduled for April but had to be rescheduled because of structural problems with the tent that River Cree uses as a venue. I had no intention of going to this show, but Cuz ended up having an extra ticket, so off to the show I was going. After all at one time I used to be a fan of Great White having seen them twice previously back in the late 80's early 90's. As for Slaughter, I had seen them once before when they opened for Cinderella back in 1991. Was never a fan of them back then and am still not.

The first band of the evening was Slaughter. It had been years since I had heard this band and in all honesty didn't even know they still existed. Can't say I was excited about seeing them but thought I would give them a chance. Well, that didn't last long, still not a fan of them. With only two originals members in the band, that being lead singer Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum. I thought their show was boring and music was terrible too, I did think that the drummer Zoltan Chaney was entertaining, he banged away like a mad man, jumped around like a crazy guy and was pretty damn good at flipping his sticks. Overall, not my kind of band or music and couldn't wait til they were done.

Slaugter setlist.

Slaughter at River Cree Casino.

Headliner of the night was Great White a band that has been around since 1984 and has it's share of tragedies and band members. There currently are two different versions of Great White in existence, one being Jack Russell's Great White and the version that was playing on this night called Great White with out the original lead singer Jack Russell. This line up featured three original members Mark Kendall on lead guitar, Michael Lardie on guitar and drummer Audie Desbrow. On lead vocals was Terry Ilous who once sang in the 80's hair metal band XYZ, which is something I just now learned. Anyways, to me Jack Russell was and is Great White. It was always his raspy and gritty vocals that first turned me on to this band. But I thought this might be a good show as I figured they would have a decent replacement for Jack, but nope. This show lacked everything I always liked about the band.

Lead guitarist Mark Kendall still can play quite well and looks like he is having fun, but other then that I thought they were terrible. Lead singer Terry Ilous did nothing for me, lacking the raspiness in vocals that I always liked, and what the hell, he had black hair, and that just don't work.

The band lacked grit and the old blues twinge that worked well with their glam metal sound. The sound just felt too polished for me, and hated buddy on vocals. And they barely played any of their old stuff. Again, I couldn't wait for this show to end, after about an hour thankfully this double bill was done. For a show that was supposedly sold out, I sure did see a whole lot of empty seats. My estimate would be a crowd of three hundred. Thank you Cuz for the free ticket as I would never have paid to see this show, and now I know why. I was really hoping for a better show by Great White then what I got but can't say I am surprised. Still it was a fun night out, making fun of the bands. Good times!!!

Great White setlist.

Great White at River Cree Casino.

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