Friday, October 9, 2015

Metallica Beer

So a few weeks ago on the internet I saw an article about Budweiser (my favorite beer and one of my favorite bands) were releasing a limited edition Metallica can to commemorate the two shows Metallica were playing in Quebec city. Metallica were playing the very last show in the old Colisee Pepsi coliseum and then two days later playing the very first show in the new Centre Videotron coliseum. This limited edition Budweiser was only available in the province Quebec and only 91,000 available. I had to have me a few of these, so that got me thinking how the hell am I going to get some of these. Well, a good buddy of mine that I used to work with moved back to Quebec a few years ago. So I got in touch with him and asked if he could help me out. Well, lo and behold he came through for me, sending me a dozen of them. A big big thank you to my buddy Simon!!!

Budweiser Limited Edition can.

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