Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bombchan at The Aviary in Edmonton May 13th 2016

Last Friday my buddy Hurl and I went to the Bombchan show at a new club here in Edmonton called The Aviary. This was my sixth time seeing Bombchan play live. Bombchan is a blues based rock n' roll band that have been around since 2008. if you are a fan of blues artists like RL Burnside, Model T Ford and such you will love this band. While they don't play a lot of shows, it's always a pleasure to catch them performing. Now if only the band would rehearse, this would be a band to be reckoned with. But because they seldom rehearse, their shows can be hit and miss sometimes. Talking to the guys before the show, I had asked what was new and if they had been practising, only to be told this was the first time since December that the guys had got together to play. So who knew what we were in store for on this night. Well, as usual with these guys, they started strong, the first song was amazing, with Mike Park on slide guitar and vocals sounding good, and Ayla Brooks on guitar sounding amazing, Ayla is one hell of a guitar player. Bombchan is rounded out by Karie Brown on bass and Grant Stovel on drums. The rest of the show was hit and miss again. This show was much better then the last time I saw them which was in December. But after talking to the guys after the show, it sounds like the band is going to get more serious about rehearsing and playing live shows, let's hope this is true. As they have another show coming up on Friday June 10th at Bellevue Community Hall. Other bands on the bill are Fever Feel, Tropic Harbour and Cayley Thomas.

The other band on the Friday night bill at The Aviary was Bonspiel, we only hung around for three of their songs and that was enough. Good times!!!

Bombchan at The Aviary.

If you are interested in checking out Bombchan's album "Do Me Right" it is available for free by clicking here.

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