Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jr. Gone Wild Live @ The Needle April 30th 2016

On Saturday my buddies Buzzard, Cuz and I went to the Jr. Gone Wild show at The Needle Vinyl Tavern here in Edmonton. We missed the opening act as we went for a bite to eat and a few pre-show beers. But made it in time for JGW.

This was my seventh time seeing Jr. Gone Wild in concert since they reformed three years ago. What can I say that I haven't said in my previous reviews of their shows. They just seem to keep getting better, the band sounded super tight, playing a few new songs and totally trashing out their version of the SNFU song "Cannibal Cafe", it was by far the most punk I have heard JGW. Especially considering when they first did this song, it was very country like. Loved the punked up version.

There was decent turnout for the show. Mike McDonald on guitar and vocals sounded great as did Dove on bass with his witty between song banter, Steve Loree on guitar and lap steel sounded wicked too and last but not least Larry Shelast on drums whom holds it all together. Edmonton truly has a gem with the band Jr. Gone Wild. This should be an exciting time for JGW with a new album in the works, a documentary that should be done by the fall, and I am sure some more live dates through out the summer. An awesome evening of live music. Good times!!!

Jr. Gone Wild at The Needle Vinyl Tavern.

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