Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Danny Michel Live in Edmonton Dec.2nd 2016

On Friday night my buddy Buzzard and I went to the Danny Michel sold out show at St. Basil's Cultural Centre here in Edmonton, this show was put on by the New Moon Folk Club. This was my fourth time seeing Danny Michel in concert, and second time this year seeing him.

Danny Michel is a singer song-writer from Waterloo, Ontario, not only is he a musician but he is also a producer and filmmaker, hell he could also be a part time comedian, some of his between song banter are down right hilarious.

Danny did two sets on this night which made for an almost two hour show. And again he put on a great show to the 400 attendees. Danny played a great set of songs that included fan favorites like "Feather, Fur & Fun", "Wish Willy", and it was before this song that Danny told a great story that he tells often but is still funny every time he tells it. Other songs played were "Tennessee Tobacco", "Sad And Beautiful World", "What Colour are You?", and from his latest album Matadora he played "Nobody Rules You", "Click Click", "Good Old Days" and "Samantha In The Sky With Diamonds". Of course that's not the only songs played but the ones that come to mind. Danny also played a brand new song "24,000 Horses" which will be on an album called Khlebnikoz to be released on January 20th 2017.

This album Khlebnikoz was recorded while Danny Michel was on an 18 day expedition with Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield and others aboard the Russian ice breaker Kapitan Khlebnikov in the arctic. You can read and watch video about this trip by clicking here. This album is going to be very influenced by Russian music, as Danny not only played a song off the album at the show, but he also played a little clip of it from his phone that night at the show.

All and all this was an amazing show by Danny as per usual. Good times!!!

This picture here was taken when I ran in to Danny Michel at the Ottawa airport the day after I had seen The Hip play in Kingston and the day before Danny was to head north for his Arctic expedition. He was nice enough to autograph this for me after the show.

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