Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tool Live in Edmonton June 13th 2017

On Tuesday night I finally got out to a concert at the new Coliseum (Rogers Place) here in Edmonton. The place has been open for almost a year already but there had been no shows that interested me until the Tool show.

This was my third time seeing Tool in concert. I didn't make it to the show to se the opener which was Crystal Method, missing them was no big deal to me as I am not a fan.

I almost didn't go to the show as it's been 11 years since the band has put out any new material, but having seen them twice before I knew how good of show this would be. I was waiting it out to see if I could get a good seat for the show, as tickets were expensive, so I didn't want a shitty seat. Well a week before the show I managed to get a decent seat. Now I really wish I had waited longer as tickets were going for dirt cheap a few days before the show, as low as 15 dollars US on stubhub and the likes. Hell, even outside the venue people were letting tickets go for cheap cheap. While I was outside the venue having a smoke a guy came up and bumbed a smoke off me and asked me who I was with. I told him I came to the show by myself, he then handed me a 150 dollar ticket for free and told me to enjoy the show. Fuck me, how I wish I didn't already spend the money on a ticket. I felt like a tool for having already spent the money on a ticket, damn!!!

Tool hit the stage promptly at 9pm opening with the song "Grudge" from their 2001 album Lateralus. The musicianship from the band was loud and incredible, with lead singer Maynard James Keenan standing in the background silhouetted by the light show singing away in his weird Robocop/Military outfit. I really wish he would come out to the front of the stage so the audience could actually see him sing, but this never happens with him. The band was tight but I found that the vocals could have been a bit higher in the mix, or maybe it was just where I was sitting.

As the show went on it was just a wall of sound and visuals. Tool is certainly a psychedelic band, which I dig, but you really should be in the right frame of mind for these guys (really high), which I wasn't. After about 75 minutes into the show, it all started to sound the same to me. I really wish there had been some new songs. They didn't play the two songs I really wanted to hear "The Pot" and "Rosetta Stoned" sadly. As the show went on the visuals got more weird and the light show and lasers got more intense. Maynard said very little to the crowd through out the show. It was fun watching the crowd at time losing their shit to some of the tunes, flailing about head banging and shouting along. They are obviously serious Tool fans, much more then I am that's for sure.

At times I loved the show and at times I was bored out of my mind, other then watching the light show. It was basically the same show I saw the last time they came through town. Would I go see the again, probably not, especially for the price I paid. I'd certainly wait it out longer next time for tickets and hope for a freebie or a real cheap ticket.

I got no pictures at this show as they were very strict about pictures being taken. Security were kept busy watching the crowd for anyone taking out there phone to take a picture. I didn't even try, not wanting to get kicked out after spending what I did for the ticket. Now that I think of it though, I should have taken pictures, if I got kicked out, hell I had another ticket in my pocket I could have used to get back in. Oh well, didn't happen.

All and all an alright show. Good times!!!

Setlist for Edmonton show.

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