Monday, January 22, 2018

Pal Joey at The Empress Ale House Jan.20th 2018

On Saturday afternoon I made my way to the Empress Ale House here in Edmonton to catch local act Pal Joey. This was my fourth time seeing them play live. Pal Joey don't play a lot of shows, maybe four a year if that, so it's a rare occasion to see them.

I got to the bar just before show time and the place was packed, which was good to see. This time around Pal Joey performed as just a four piece band, as the previous times I had seen them, they had a horn section. I have to say I enjoy them much more without the horns. Just felt more rocking and fun. The band led by Trent Buhler on vocals and guitar sounded really good. Their sound is a little bit country punk, with a little Elvis Costello mixed in. The band still has two original members Trent Buhler and bassist Tom Murray who plays amazing. Cliff Culbert is the second guitarist and is damn good as is the drummer Scott Lingley.

The band played a good mix of songs from their three albums. Songs like "A Little Less Wasteful" from their 1999 album The New Dance. Some songs from their 1995 debut album Tennessee Angels, which is really good. "Down On Me" was played as was "Last Chance for Food and Drink", "Waiting For Lefty" and "Act of God" at least I am pretty sure these were all played. And of course there were some songs from their latest album Lucky Pennies which came out in 2015. I know they played "Five and Dimin'" and "Heartbreak Station" from said album. All and all it was a great way to spend an afternoon listening and watching a great band. Good times!!!

Pal Joey at The Empress Ale House.

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