Sunday, September 22, 2013

Junior Gone Wild Live Sept.14th 2013

Last Saturday my buddies Hurl, A-Bomb and myself made our way to Chucrhill Square in downtown Edmonton to catch local band Jr.Gone Wild play an hour long free show as part of the Edmonton Public Library one hundredth anniversary celebration. This was my fourth time seeing Jr.Gone Wild perform since May of this year. As usual Jr.Gone Wild put on a stellar performance, just a shame that there were so few people that attended this show on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Why this show got so little publicity, or lack of advertising is beyond me. You would think with it being the Edmonton Public Library there would be all kinds of advertising, but nope, again someone shit the bed on this one, yet again. In late May Jr.Gone Wild re-united after not being together for twenty some years, they played a hall show for their reunion show and had almost 700 people pay 30 some dollars to see them play in a hall out in the middle of nowhere, yet no one shows up for a free show in downtown Edmonton. I don't get it.

Here are a few videos shot of Jr.Gone Wild performing at this show. The camera work is a touch shaky as I was under the influence.

Jr.Gone Wild performing "Poet's Highway" from their 1990 album "Too Dumb To Quit".

"I'm So Glad" from their 1995 album "Simple Little Wish".

"Just The Other Day" from their 1992 album "Pull The Goalie".

Good times!!!

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