Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pink Floyd Bottle of Wine

While on vacation recently in Parksville, British Columbia I went to a liquor store that was attached to our hotel I came across this bottle of wine that I had seen advertised in Rolling Stone magazine. The bottle I picked up was the Pink Floyd bottle of wine, which is a red wine (cabernet sauvignon 2010) produced by Mendocino Wine Company out of California. I know fuck all about wine, but was told that it is actually a really good wine. Made no difference to me as I just thought it was one cool looking label. Being a big Pink Floyd fan, I had to get me one of these. There is a series of bottles that are available under the label "Wines That Rock", the only other bottle I saw at this liquor store was the Rolling Stones one, which also looked very cool. But having to pack this Pink Floyd bottle in my suit case for the flight home, I only took the chance on one bottle. And as you can see from the pictures, it made it home in one piece, yay!!! Other bottles available are as mentioned Rolling Stones, Woodstock, The Police and The Grateful Dead. All the labels on these bottles are very sharp looking, I am hoping I can find the Dead, Stones and Woodstock ones. I have yet to try the wine, but I wouldn't know a good wine from a bad one.

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