Friday, October 18, 2013

Iron Maiden Beer

So last weekend while visiting a local liquor store (Liquor Depot) I came across this beer.

The beer I am talking about is an Iron Maiden themed beer called Trooper which of course is a title of an Iron Maiden song. This beer is a premium British beer handcrafted by Robinsons Brewery. It was supposedly developed by lead singer Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden whom is a beer enthusiast. The beer is actually quite tasty and much better then the AC/DC beer I had found a few months ago. I would recommend this beer.

The bottle I picked up is a 500 ml and 4.7% alcohol content at the price of six dollars a bottle. It's got an awesome label and a little bit of history on the back of the bottle. This is a beer well worth looking into.

To read more about this beer, click here. Cheers!!!

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