Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sadies at Arden Theatre Oct.19th 2013

On Saturday night my buddies Hurl, Buzzard and I went to The Sadies concert at the Arden Theatre in St.Albert, which is about 15 minutes north of Edmonton. Why there was no gig booked in the city, I have no idea. Thank god for Hurl having wheels and giving us a ride to and from the show. Thanks Hurl!!!

This was my tenth time seeing The Sadies play live, and the first time I have seen a show at the Arden Theatre. The Arden is pretty decent venue holding about 500 people. I would say there were about 350 at the show on this night.

The Sadies are on tour promoting their newest release Internal Sounds which just came out on October 1st on Outside Music. It is a great album by the way and available here and at your local record shop or itunes. Support your local shop and buy it at an independent record store. Either way, just buy it, it's well worth it.

Anyways, what can I say that I haven't said before about this band. They are an amazing band to see live. The dynamics between brothers Travis and Dallas Good on guitar is incredible the way they feed off each other. Both brothers take turns singing and when Travis gets on the fiddle you can guarantee a foot stomping and hand clapping hoe down. Drummer Mike Belitsky and bassist Sean Dean are no slouches either. Always nice to see a band stick together with no member changes in the ten plus years I have been following them. There mix of country/rock, surf, psychedelic music guarantees you will never be bored with their performance in a live setting.

There is no opening band on this tour, The Sadies do two sets each night, with the first set on this night being forty-five minutes and the second set about an hour and a half. They played lots from their new album songs such as "The First 5 Minutes", "Starting All Over Again" among many others. I am still getting familiar with the album, so not to sure of all the titles. The Sadies closed out their show with a cover song, something they do quite often is play an iconic cover, and this time it was a song by The Guess Who, they did "No Time", which sounded great. Again this was another amazing show by The Sadies. A band you must see. Good times!!!

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