Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Terror at The Pawn Shop in Edmonton Oct.13th 2013

On Sunday night after a massive Thanksgiving meal, my Brother (Capt. Citrus) and I made our way to the Pawn Shop to see Los Angeles hardcore band Terror play. There were five bands on the bill for this show, but we only caught the last two bands Hamilton's Counterparts and headliner Terror. I'm not the biggest fan of most hardcore but do like Terror, so I was in no rush to get to the show too early. That, and I was stuffed from a big turkey dinner, needed some time to chill before we headed out.

Counterparts played about a half hour set, their music wasn't my thing, just sounded like a bunch of yelling to me. They did get a pretty good reaction from the crowd though, so good for them.

Next up was Terror who are on tour supporting their latest release "Live By The Code". This was my third time seeing them in concert, and would have to say the best out of the three times. Part of it I am sure is because I am more familiar with their music now, and just hanging with my brother at the show helped too, as he knows the bands music really well. And I probably wouldn't have gone to the show if it weren't for my brother being in town. There was a great turnout for the show, being a long weekend helped I am sure. Looked to me like Edmonton's hardcore scene is stronger then I had realized.

Before the band hit the stage my brother said lets get away from the floor cause things are going to get crazy. And holy shit was he ever right, a great recommendation on my bro's part. Lead singer Scott Vogel know show to work a crowd and had the place a hopping, and by hopping I mean stage diving, circle pit happening and the crazy fists flying feet kicking dancing that these hardcore kids do, looked like one big fight to me, but much to my surprise not one fight through the whole hour long set. The music was tight, Scott sounded good, and his stage banter was interesting, both funny, intense, and he truly is true to the scene and had some heartfelt things to say about being true to friends, family, races, sexes and of course the hardcore scene. The crowd was so intense, almost scary to a point, these kids go OFF!!! If you were in the middle of that crowd I am sure you went home with a few bruises and lumps on your body.

Some of the songs that I recognized during the show were Hard Lessons, Spit My Rage, Keepers Of The Faith, Live By The Code and Your Enemies Are Mine. And my brother has confirmed they also did One With The Underdogs and Life & Death.

Good times!!!

Terror at the Pawn Shop.

T-shirt front.

T-shirt back.

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