Saturday, February 7, 2015

Seven Inch Single Saturday (Doughboys)

So I have been going through some old seven inch singles and decided to start a new feature called "Seven Inch Single Saturday". So today I will start with the seven inch single by the Montreal punk/pop band Doughboys who were around between 1987-1997.

This single by the Doughboys called La Majeure 1987 was released in 2003 on Scamindy Records. The two songs featured on this are, Side One has The Forecast and Stranger From Within and Side Two has a song called I Remember.

All three songs are from the Doughboys first demo sessions recorded in the winter of 1986-87. All three songs were also on their debut album called Whatever. If your a fan of the punk/pop sound or the Doughboys, this is well worth finding. The 180 gram coloured vinyl looks and sounds great.

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