Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vince Neil (Book Review)

Well, I finally got around to reading the Vince Neil of Motley Crue biography Tattoos & Tequila, To Hell and Back of Rock's Most Notorious Frontmen. This book came out five years ago in conjunction with his solo album of the same title.

After reading the Neil Strauss book Motley Crue The Dirt, I didn't think there was a whole lot more to learn about the band, but figured it would be interesting to read Vince Neil's side of things. And in all honesty, there really isn't much more to learn here other then Vince really has nothing good to say about his band mates. He slams Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx pretty bad and Mick Mars is just a recluse.

Throughout the book Vince keeps saying things like he doesn't remember all the details of certain events. Seems his days of drinking and drugs didn't do him any favours as his memory for details are terrible.

He does talk about the passing of his daughter Skylar who passed away at the age of four of cancer in detail.

Vince also contradicts himself lots in the book, saying he would never work with the other members of Motley Crue ever again, only later in the book to say he loves them like brothers. I guess when the Crue is your bread and butter, you have to keep going back to them. None of the members of the band have made any money with there other projects. Should be interesting to see what happens now with Motley Crue doing their last ever tour together this year.

Some of the more interesting reads in the book are when his ex-wives talk about Vince. Would have been interesting to read a little more about Vince's plastic surgeries. He doesn't get in to that at all. Vince also talks about how many times he has been to rehab, yet says he is not an alcoholic and how he has quit drinking, only to say, he now only has a few glasses of champagne once in a while, and a shot of tequila as well. Sounds like an alcoholic to me.

What can you say, the book was entertaining to read.

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