Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fred Penner Live in Edmonton Jan.15th 2016

So last night I went to the Fred Penner show here at the Buckingham. A friend of ours (Erin) bought Janis and I picked up tickets for this show back in October or November. She had asked if we wanted to go with her, and I guess we had said yes. Well, before you know it, the date came up for the show. Now, I am wondering why we had said yes to this show. I don't even know who the hell Fred Penner is, ok, I know he hosted or had his own children's program on CBC television back in the 80's-90's, but I had never watched him having grown up on Mr. Dress Up and Sesame Street being a child from the 70's to early 80's. Nonetheless, I did know who he was. Can't say I was all that stoked about going to this show, especially with it being 30 below on this Friday night. All I wanted to do after working all week and being cold out, I just wanted to get under some blankets and vegetate. But Nope, the show was on, even though we considered writing this show off. But we sucked it up and went. I though if anything, I do want to see the two opening local bands, Rusty and the Willy Nillies.

I went to the show early leaving the girls behind to visit. I got there in time to catch opener Rusty. The place was packed already, which kind of surprised me. Rusty which is a musician by the name of Lane Olson is a musician who plays acoustic guitar and sings poppy songs. I thought he was alright, nothing too special. Crowd seemed to enjoy him and his music.

Next up was George Ireland's band The Willy Nillies. I have heard a few things about this band and now was my chance to check them out. Their music is a mix of country, rock, some surf instrumentals, just kind of all over the place. Sometimes their darker tunes reminded me a little bit of Murder By Death having a trumpet player and washboard player, but overall I just wasn't getting in to them. By this time Janis and Erin had shown up and caught most of their set. I told the girls I had enough and was bailing on this show. So off I left.

The Willy Nillies.

After getting home, the venue is just down the block. I got to thinking, damn, Janis and I very seldom go to shows together and here I am bailing on her. I got home and started feeling guilty for leaving, so i was second guessing myself and decided, you know what, I'm gonna slam a few beers and have a smoke and head back to the venue.

Well, am I ever glad I did. I got back just in time to hear Fred Penner launch into his second song of the night. By this time, now the place is super packed but I was still able to track Janis and Erin down. They were surprised to see me back.

Now like I say, I knew very little about Fred Penner but have to say the crowd of mostly people in there mid 20's to mid 30's sure seemed to be having a great time. Punkers, metal heads, hipsters all singing along and dancing and just having a really good time, lots of smiles on peoples faces and Fred himself looking like he was having fun playing to a bar crowd.

At 69 years old Fred looked good and was entertaining the audience with stories in between songs. Playing lots of requests, songs such as "Happy Feet", "Celebrate Being", "Sandwiches", "The Cat Came Back" "Goblins" and "What A Day", someone in the crowd yelled out Free Bird as a request, that made me laugh hard. Silly happy songs but done so well and so much fun watching and listening to everyone smiling and singing along. You could just see so many kids reliving their childhood. Janis was talking to a punker next to her who said he felt like he was six years old again. Fred even did a couple cover songs "Puff The Magic Dragon" and Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" in which the whole crowd sang along. I can certainly see why Fred Penner had such a hit on kids television has he has a great vibe and just comes across as a very nice man, and he has a lot of talent as well. I am so glad that I went back to the show as I had a great time and would recommend seeing Fred Penner live if you should get the chance. Nothing like being in bar full of drunks singing along to children's songs. Good times!!!

Fred Penner at The Buckingham.


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