Saturday, January 9, 2016

Seven Inch Saturday (Chris Robinson Brotherhood)

Today's seven inch single is from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Chris Robinson is or was the lead singer of the now broken up band The Black Crowes. This seven inch came with the full length 2014 release Phosphorescent Harvest album.

The two songs on this single are Humboldt Windchimes and Star Crossed Lonely Sailor. The first song Humboldt Windchimes is an instrumental and is on the boring side. The second song Star Crossed Lonely Sailor reminds me a bit of the Grateful Dead. If you are a fan of the Dead and like blues hippy psychedelic rock this is for you.

The cover of this single is a take off of the packaging you would get if you are buying marijuana seeds from a seed dispenser. You could say Chris Robinson Brotherhood is heavily influenced by the ganja!

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