Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mike Plume Live in Edmonton March 24th 2016

On Thursday night Mike Plume made his return back to Edmonton. This show was the night before my birthday, so there was a crew of us that checked out the concert at The Almanac. A perfect way to celebrate a birthday, great performance by one of my favorite artists, the next day being Good Friday, so a holiday, all this made for a great night out, oh ya and a great crew to go out with, Janis, Cuz, Hurl, Buzzard and my Dad.

This was my ninth time seeing Mike Plume play live, but only the third time I have seen him play solo. This was an intimate show in a small new restaurant/venue called The Almanac which is stumbling distance from home. My guess is that the venue doesn't hold much more then 80-100 people, so the show was sold out in advance.

Mike Plume played for two hours on this night covering songs from his whole career from his first album that came out in 1993 to a few songs from his last release 2013's Red And White Blues, Mike even did a brand new song, which sounded great. Some of the highlights for myself was the Stompin' Tom Connors tribute song "So Long Stompin' Tom" an absolute classic song to the late great Canadian musician. Another song he did which I don't believe I had heard him do live before was "On Remembrance Day". Mike was in great spirits this night cracking jokes, the show was all ages and he made some hilarious comments about the kids with fake ID's. Also making mention of the strong smell of weed that was sticking to audience members after they would step out and then come back inside to the venue, saying it smells a lot like April 20th in here.

Mike also made the announcement that he and his wife Jenny O and daughter Ruby were moving back to Edmonton after being based in Nashville, Tennessee for the past eight or so years. So that was really good news, as it should mean more local gigs, yay!!!

Other songs he did were "Hey Hey What D'Ya Say (Coming Home Again)" that song had the whole crowd singing along with him, "Life Is Funny", "She's Still Everything To Me", "Like A Bullet From A Gun", "Half Full Is The Cup" also in the set was his great hockey song "More Than A Game". Just an awesome night of music and a great way to celebrate my birthday. Good times!!! If your interested in picking up some of Mike Plume's music, click here.

Mike Plume at The Almanac.

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