Friday, March 11, 2016

RIP Keith Emerson

Sad to hear the news today of the passing of Keith Emerson the keyboardist of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, better known as ELP. I remember when I first heard of this band. I was a teenager working in a restaurant as a dish pig, I was a metal head growing up as a kid and I worked with two well educated brothers both of whom were going through University and serving tables to earn some cash. These two brothers always gave me a hard time about being in to heavy metal and tried turning me onto ELP. Well, I still have that best of tape that they made for me. And after a few listens, I have to say I did start to enjoy the music of ELP. Thanks Dave and Alan!!!

Years later, in 1993 I got the chance to see ELP play here in Edmonton at the Jubilee Auditorium. The show was amazing, so glad I got to see Keith Emerson perform. Rest In Peace Keith Emerson.

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