Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Temperance Movement Live in Edmonton Mar.1st 2016

On Tuesday night I went to see British blues rockers The Temperance Movement play at Union Hall. The Temperance Movement is a band that my friend RCD turned me onto recently. He told me about the band, saying I think you will really like these guys. So I checked out their website, watching a few videos and listening to a couple of tracks, and thought they were really good. Next move was to pick up their two full length albums. I had to order them as the local record shop didn't have them in stock. I did manage to get their first album after a few weeks and really liked it. After listening to the album a few times, I had to find out if they would be coming to Edmonton anytime soon. Well, as luck would have it, they were coming to Edmonton, and real soon. Temperance were playing Union Hall in Edmonton on March 1st opening for the Canadian band Monster Truck. I'm not a fan of the venue they were playing and had no interest at all in seeing Monster Truck, but I had to see The Temperance Movement. So I bit the bullet and got a ticket for this show.

I got to the venue plenty early so that I could get a decent spot to see and hear the band. Well, lo and behold they have made a few improvements to the venue, taking out some of the railings and seats so that you could actually get around this venue. Yay, things are looking up for this shitty venue.

The time came for the Temperance Movement to hit the stage. If your a fan of classic rock, bands like the Stones, Free, Black Crowes and such, this is a band that you will surely enjoy. the band came out and rocked the shit out of the place during their forty-five minute set. The band was tight but in a loose way if that makes any sense. Lead singer Phil Campbell sings with a lot of soul and swagger coming off as mix of Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes and Paul Rodgers of Free/Bad Company. The man is so full of energy with moves like a spastic Joe Cocker, and I mean that in a good way. Phil can belt it out like no other. Very very impressed with him and the band. The band played songs from their two albums, including quite a few from their latest release "White Bear" that just came out in February. It's been a while since I have been turned on to a new rock n' roll band that just plays straight up rock. These guys kicked ass in a big way, I highly recommend seeing them live if you get the chance.

After their set I hung around for a bit hoping to maybe get the chance to meet the band and get my vinyl autographed. Sure enough after a while a couple of the guys came to the merch booth and signed autographs. I hung around for a bit longer, but bailed when Monster Truck was about to start. By the way, what a stupid fuckin' name for a band. When I hear the name Monster Truck all I hear in my head is the stupid voice they use for those Monster Truck commercials (you pay for the whole seat, but will only need the edge) done in that stupid fucking Monster Truck selling tickets voice, grrrr. Change the name of your band guys. Nonetheless, I got the hell out of the venue before I had to hear them.

As I was leaving to go home, I thought I'll walk by the tour bus and see if maybe I'll run into the guys from Temperance. Well as would luck would have it, the guys were loading up the bus. So I got to meet all the guys and get the rest of the members to sign my vinyl. One of the guys was actually missing, but they went back in to the venue to retrieve him so as he could also autograph my record. That was cool of them. I talked to the guys for probably about ten minutes. Super nice guys, down to earth and talkative. They mentioned that in the works is another tour across Canada in the fall headlining, I hope like hell that happens. I can guarantee there will be a few friends with me the next time they come through town.

Thanks to the guys in The Temperance Movement for not only putting on a great rock n' roll show, but for also taking the time to meet your fans and signing a few autographs. I know you made some new fans in Edmonton, during the break between bands, having a smoke in the smoking section, I only heard people saying good things about the show. Good times!!!

Thanks to the guy who let me take a picture of the setlist he got off the stage. He too was waiting by the merch booth hoping to meet the guys.

The Temperance Movement at Union Hall.

Autographed vinyl.


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