Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bombchan Live June 10th 2016

Holy shit, it's been over a week already since Hurl and I went to the Bombchan show at Bellevue Community Hall. This was my seventh time seeing Bombchan in concert and second time in the past month, and yet again the guys haven't been rehearsing. On top of that they had a guy sitting in on drums as drummer Grant Stovel had previous commitments with CKUA Radio in which he DJ's for.

We got there at the tail end of Cayley Thomas's set, the hall was pretty much empty therefore the sound was freaking awful, unless you got up close to the stage. Something we didn't do, as we were sitting in the back bullshitting with the guys from Bombchan and having some beers.

Bombchan this time around started slow, unlike most times they start strong and tail off, but this time it was the exact opposite which makes sense considering they had someone new on the drums. So the show got stronger as it went on but you could tell Mike Park, lead singer and guitar player seemed to struggle the most with the change in the line up. Nonetheless it was a fun show with cheap beers and the tickets were free. This would be a great place to see a show with a good crowd as the hall is nice size, as is the stage, but with no crowd the sound is awful. Thanks Hurl for the lift to the show and ride home. Good times!!!


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