Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Voivod Live in Edmonton June 16th 2016

Thursday night I went to the Voivod show at the Starlite Room here with my buddies Karie, Mike and Clint. Voivod is an old Canadian prog-metal band that has been around since 1982 in one form another. There are still two original members in the band that being Denis (Snake) Belanger on vocals and drummer Michel (Away) Langevin rounding out the band were Dan (Chewy) Mongrain on guitar and Domonique (Rocky) Laroche. I've always been a fan of the band but had never seen them in concert before, even though they have been through town a few times in the past two years. Well after getting an invite to the show from Karie I figured this is a good time to go. It was fun sitting around with swilling beers the guys before the show listening to them talk about there favorite era of Voivod, it was like listening to hardcore Rush fans talk about the different eras of Rush. Needless to say I sat in the background and just listened and learned a few things.

Voivod are on the road touring in support of their latest release an EP called Post Society. Sadly or maybe not so sad,we missed the opening bands King Parrot and Child Bite. From what I have heard they weren't all that good, still would have been alright to at least know myself. But I was busy with the guys trying to get into the show as I had an ID issue trying to get in. That's a whole other story, but the guys made some calls and texts and pulled some strings and managed to get me in. Thanks so much guys, you saved me 30 dollars, or maybe you cost me a whole lot more as I had to buy the guys a few rounds for the help, which was no problem. It's a good thing I got into the show as they needed all the people they could get as there were maybe a hundred people in attendance.

So by the time we got into the show it wasn't long before Voivod was on. Opening with Ripping Headaches from their 1986 album Rrröööaaarrr, I actually knew this one. And right from the start the hardcore Voivod fans were singing along and banging their heads like crazy fuckers. The band covered songs from their whole career including a few from the new EP. As well as doing there version of the Pink Floyd song Astronomy Domine. The show was a lot of fun, would have been nice to see a better turnout. Voivod remind me a bit of another great Canadian metal band Anvil where they just don't get the respect they deserve. Nonetheless, great show. Good times!!!

Voivod at the Starlite Room.

Setlist for Edmonton show.

T-shirt front.


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