Saturday, June 25, 2016

Danny Michel Live in Edmonton June 17th 2016

So after a good afternoon nap, I was refreshed and ready to head off to the Danny Michel concert at the Needle with my buddy Buzzard. This was my third time seeing Danny Michel in concert.

We missed the opening act, and by the time we got to the Needle the place was packed. Trying to get to the front of the stage was a pain in the ass, as they had a terrible set up for this show. Why the hell would you set up tables on the dance floor is beyond me. This wasn't billed as a cabaret show, yet set up like one. The venue isn't set up for that kind of show as the dance floor really isn't that big. Nonetheless, we did manage to get up to the front after a whole lot of squeezing between people and tables. There was very little room to move around and took away from the show if you wanted to grab a beer and dance. Needle, what the hell were you thinking, you could have sold more tickets as well if you had taken the tables out.

Again this show was just Danny Michel playing solo, and what a fucking show he put on. He played for about an hour and a half, playing lots of old and new material. Some of the songs he played from the new album Matadora were the title song, Paris Las Vegas, Good Old Days, Click Click, Nobody Rules You and Samantha In The Sky With Diamonds which is a song about European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti whom spent 200 days at the International Space Station. Danny told a funny story about this song in which he had sent the demo version to his buddy Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who turned around and sent it to Samantha. Danny wasn't too happy about it at the time as the song was only a demo, but he laughs now as it is a great tribute to her.

Danny is a very engaging performer telling great stories about his songs. Other songs played at the show were Feather, Fur & Fin, and songs When I'm You, Who's Gonna Miss You?, Wish Willy from his 2010 album Sunset Sea. He also played What Colour Are You?, Sad And Beautiful World from his album Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me which is my favorite album of his. There were other songs played as well but these are the ones that come to mind as I write this. Danny also brought out local musician Ayla Brook for a couple of songs which led into a guitar duel which was funny and entertaining. Danny produced an album of Ayla's called "After The Morning After" which is a great album in itself. The two of them looked to be having a blast playing together. Actually Danny looked to be having a great time all evening, as he always does. This was Danny's last show of his current tour.

One thing I can say about Danny Michel's music is if I am ever down or feeling in a funk I can out on one of his album's and it breaks me out of whatever funk it is I am in. His music resonates with me, his lyrics are very uplifting and honest and the music makes me wanna sing and dance.

After the show Danny was at the merchandise show signing autographs and meeting his fans. I stuck around to meet Danny and pick up his new album to get autographed. It was awesome to meet the man again, we had a nice chat, with Danny recognizing me from the show earlier in the day at CKUA and mentioning to me that he always picks a few people out of the audience that he feeds off while performing. Well, I was one of them people, he said to me "watching you sing along and dance all night made him smile and he really fed off my energy. That was so nice to hear from a performer like Danny, as I was feeding off his energy as well. Such a cool and humble and entertaining performer Danny is. He also said to me while pointing at me and then himself "you and I are friends, I can just tell" that made me feel incredible. Danny you rock!!! Good times!!!

After the show I went to Buzzard's for a few more beers. When I was ready to leave he asked if I needed a cab. I said no that's alright, I'm going to walk (about a 45 minute walk home). I was in such a good mood after the show I just wanted to throw on some Danny Michel music on my headphones and walk. Well my walk home was more like a dance and sing-along all the way home. I hope no one filmed me dancing and singing across the High Level Bridge as I am sure that shit would go viral as I am neither a good singer or dancer, but what a great walk home.

If you ever get the chance to see Danny Michel in concert I highly recommend going you will not be disappointed. Speaking of...Danny Michel will be back in Edmonton in December 2nd as part of the New Moon Folk Club concert series.

Danny Michel at the Needle Vinyl Tavern.

I didn't take many pictures at this show as I was too busy dancing and singing.

Autographed vinyl.

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